Crowned Compassion

Zayra Yves

Innovative, sultry, ethereal, and earthy love grounded in intellectual journeys from San Francisco to South Africa combined with jazz, mysticism, tribal lore, and innocence. If you like Neruda, Hafiz and Rumi.then you will love Zayra.

Zayra’s beautiful and mesmerizing voice is accompanied by the musical compositions of two talented and gifted blues and jazz musicians: Allen Ross and Mike Thomas. The string instruments were created by Mike Thomas of Zamar Instruments.

The track ”Free Us From the Claws of Cruelty” was written for and dedicated to the people of Zimbabwe, who have endured the extreme hardships of genocide and starvation. A portion of the proceeds from this CD go to the Seeds of Light organization ( to benefit the children living in South Africa.

Zayra's poetry has appeared in various magazines and journals, such as Zimbabwe Situation, The Panhandler Quarterly, Eyes of the Poet, IITM, Astropoetica and Alehouse Press. She has been interviewed and performed her work on two radio shows: SW Radio Africa (appearing on this CD) and West Marin Community Radio for The House of the Poet.

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