Sleep In The Sea Tonight With Me

Zayra Yves

This is a poetic confession of sensual drunken charm and every kind of love that is on the journey toward finding the lover within, as well as in another. Zayra shares her passion, heartbreak and delicate soul of love, as one who never gives up on loving.

Sleep in the Sea Tonight with Me reminds us that once you love with complete surrender there is no shore to turn back to, no map or language to describe the depths of such emotions, or the loss that follows and the paradox of wholeness all at once. In this sensual poetic collection, you will want to submerge yourself in the waters of love over and over again; you will volunteer to be lost in the sea of ecstasy.

The hard copy of Sleep in the Sea Tonight with Me comes with a six panel black and white photography session that accompanies the listener on a beautiful journey into the soul of passion, eros and love. Even if you are a digital download junkie, you will want the photos that accompany this collection! Sexy and sensual, moody and erotic, timeless and in exotic bloom.

Zayra Yves is published in numerous journals, print publications and on-line literary reviews. Her audio collections appear on radio stations internationally and her first book Empty as Nirvana was released in July 2007. For more information you can visit her web site:

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