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Zayra's Art & Poetry Featured at the International Pasta Party Series in Sausalito

The Unfinished Sonnet_resized

The Unfinished Sonnet - collage by Zayra Yves

We are happy to announce that Zayra will be featuring several brand new collages in the Red Series as well as some from the Sonnet and Serenade Series.  She will also be performing a poetry reading from the favorite "Empty as Nirvana" and sharing an award winning poem "Faded Hieroglyphs" from her CD "Crowned Compassion" at the International Pasta Party Series in Sausalito, California.    

Stefano Resta, the host,  wrote the following announcement to his guests: 

"I am very pleased to let you know that the featured artist of the evening is my dear friend Zayra Yves. Zayra is an internationally admired writer, painter, recording artist, collage artist, and all around delightful person to know. At the event, she will be sharing some of her latest very beautiful collages and also likely reading a piece or two from her expansive and lyrical body of written works. "

It is a honor to be part of such an event. 

Please join us on July 20th at 6:30 pm. Location: 575 Sausalito Blvd, Sausalito, CA.