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Two Poems Published in South Africa

Two of my favorite poems "Time to Give My Heart Away" and "Love's Sanctuary" are published in WINS Verlies. Gained LOSS, a South African publication. This is a gorgeous publication with a high level of integrity and spirit! WINS Verlies.Gained LOSS Samesteller Myra Magdalena Lochner Editor Voorwoord M.Dianne Berry Foreword Omslagfoto’s en Kuns Myra Magdalena Lochner Cover Photos and Art Format: Soft Cover, 220 pages Published and distributed by/Gepubliseer en versprei deur KREATIV PO BOX/POSBUS 4404 GEORGE EAST/GEORGE-OOS 6539 SOUTH AFRICA/SUID-AFRIKA All rights reserved/Alle regte voorbehou Copyright © Kopiereg 2008 Myra Lochner KREATIV Copyright of individual submissions remains with the authors Kopiereg van individuele bydraes berus by die skrywers First Edition First Print 2008 Eerste Uitgawe Eerste Druk ISBN 978-0-620-40296-5 PLEASE ORDER AT: Myra Lochner PLEASE NOTE: WINS Verlies.Gained LOSS is in English, with some of the poems submitted in Afrikaans; some poems are translated in English or Afrikaans — those are a special bonus for the reader.