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Ordinary Substance by Zayra Yves & Intro by Bill Harris

Ordinary Substance is a poetic journey through relationships and spiritualism with a focus on Toaist and Buddhist perceptions as life presents itself through ordinary every day experiences. This book is a search through the imprints of the psyche at various levels of conditioning to simply be with it as it is; to fully accept ourselves as we are reflected in the mirror of words. Zayra's poetry invites the reader to be present within themselves, as much as with her. She guides you on an authentic spiritual journey via the poetic arts through the yin and yang of words as demonstrated through disillusionment, emptiness, awe, then fullness, sweetness and love. Plus there is a wonderful introduction by Bill Harris, the founder of the Centerpointe Research Institute and one of the teachers featured in The Secret. ____________________________________________________ Bill's Book Review at Lulu: "Zayra is a genius" 3 Dec 2007 by Bill Harris "I have to confess that I don't sit around reading poetry very often, but when Zayra Yves asked me to write an introduction for her new collection of poems, I was extremely flattered. I'm a huge fan, and I DO sit around reading her poetry. And, quite frankly, it has blown me away. " 'Zayra has something very rare--a seemingly direct pipeline to the depths of what it means to be human--as well as to that which is beyond the merely human. " "I told readers of my blog ( that "Zayra's poetry will make your toes curl!" Later I realized that I should have added that it would also make their souls curl--because though her poetry is sexy and passionate and evocative it is also thoughtful and profound. If you'd like to be transported to places in yourself you've been unable to express--or perhaps awaken places you didn't even know were there--get this wonderful little book. " "And, while you're at it, consider getting a CD of Zayra performing her poetry, which adds still another dimension of passion and feeling. " "Zayra's genius will change you, I promise." ____________________________________________________ Ordinary Substance, like Empty as Nirvana, Zayra's first collection, is available through Lulu both as print material and in a downloadable edition. It arrived just in time for the Holidays! Enjoy!!! ____________________________________________________