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Faded Hieroglyphs Receives First Place in African Legends

Zayra's poem Faded Hieroglyphs received the honor of first place in the African Legends competition hosted by Michele Stewart, in honor of the White Lion Global Protection Trust and the Leopard Conservation Project.  African Legends is destined to be a beautiful coffee table book with magnificent artwork, additional creative writing and inspired poety. It is such a heart warming joy and honor to be included in this collection of work.

Zayra would like to thank Linda Tucker of the White Lion Global Protection Trust, Fred Berrange of the Leopard Conservation Project, Michele Stewart, and the other judges, for their heart centered approach to life, to creating a sacred place for such magnificent beings, and for including Zayra's poetry in their visionary work.

When the book becomes available, we will send out an announcement. In the meantime, feel free to support the White Lion Global Protection Trust ( and the Leopard Conservation Project (