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Empty as Nirvana ~ Book Release ~

Empty as Nirvana by Zayra Yves Zayra Yves is a modern-day mystic whose writings are evocative, innovative, and empathetic. She is a passion-filled force embracing both her human desires as well as the divine essence. Empty as Nirvana has been compiled from both new material and previously published poems that have been included in magazines, journals, audio recordings, radio broadcasts, and other print publications. These poems reveal the human suffering that cries from the abyss, the erotic body of light, the undeniable presence of the muse, the great hope for a more expansive state of compassion, and the rapture of total abandonment to love. (125 pages) Paperback: $14.95 ________________________ Please contact Zayra directly to purchase a copy of Empty as Nirvana or go to the PURCHASE link in the sidebar for more information. Thank You.