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Crowned Compassion at Integral Naked

This Week on Integral Naked three of the poems from Crowned Compassion are released: Zayra Yves • I am SHE Zayra Yves • Born from Heaven Zayra Yves • Crowned Compassion It is a great honor to be listed with the following teachers and artists.... Adyashanti and Bert Parlee A modern mystic known for spontaneous and direct nondual teachings dispels oversimplified views of the student-teacher relationship, and explains the difference between callous indifference and the Great Indifference ... Brett Thomas • Red & Amber Worldviews Brother David Steindl-Rast • Father Thomas Keating • A Brief History of Inter-Religious Dialogue Stuart Davis • The Stuart Davis Show If you have not visited Integral Naked before...I recommend it!