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A Heart Felt "Good-Bye" to MySpace

Zayra is grateful to MySpace for the fan base that started in 2006 but it is time to say good-bye after 111,365 plays and 59,266 views. What an illuminating experience!

The top two tracks launched and shared through MySpace were "I am SHE" and "Drowned Cathedral." 

"I am SHE" on its first run was featured in conjunction with Twin13 in the UK and had over 23,000 plays, then its on second run over 11,000 plays, for a grand total of 34,000 plays!  It was definitely the top favorite from the Crowned Compassion collection! 

"Drowned Cathedral" is not to be ignored with a near 10,000 play mark in six months from the Sleep in the Sea Tonight with Me poetry collection. 

Considering that we are talking about poetry here, then these are really generous numbers for which Zayra is humbly grateful to everyone for listening to and sharing with their friends.  She will remember MySpace as the first connection with others globally who were interested in her poetry and graciously befriended her work, as well as spread it to others.  In some ways it is sad to see MySpace fade out but in other ways it is a great reminder that all things have a natural cycle, even unnatural things in cyberspace!

If you are interested in finding Zayra's poetry, it can be found on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, ReverbNation and many other digital on line locations. You may also order the CD's throuh CD Baby or by contacting Zayra directly at