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"RETROGRADE MOTION," Zayra's long awaited and newest audio poetry collection is currently in production at Disc Makers and is scheduled to arrive off the UPS truck on December 3, 2008. It is over due and past schedule but well worth the wait. "RETROGRADE MOTION" is poetry you definitely want to own and indulge yourself in. It is worthy of personal immersion into all twenty-two richly complex pieces, which are set to a bed of music created by Gardner Cole with tribal sounds, new age vibes and an all around moody meditative feeling. The temperament varies from the morose to artistic to sarcastic to beautiful to transformational to spiritual and on into the unknown where one simply decides to be unfinished. Whatever your mood, attitude or vice, you are certain to find yourself or lose yourself in these interestingly diverse audio gifts of poetry from Zayra's new collection "RETROGRADE MOTION." Here is the line up: 1. Becoming Abstract 2. The Blurred Version 3. Caught in the Fading Light 4. Consider the Sound of Water 5. Evaporation 6. How a Stone Comes to Life 7. An Invitation in Exodus 8. Listening to Charles Bukowski 9. A Lost Cry 10. A Lover & the Echo 11. Ms. V 12. My Sin 13. The Night Bird's Last Tear 14. Not Waiting 15. Pilgrim Hitchhiking 16. Red Clay 17. Sanctuary 18. She Transforms Herself 19. Star Flowers 20. Sudden 21. Unfinished & Untangled 22. What Might Still Be Several of the poems on "RETROGRADE MOTION" appear in her book "ORDINARY SUBSTANCE," while others are brand new poems released in this collection for the first time, and are slated to appear in her new poetry book due for print in January of 2009. Sign up to reserve your copy of "RETROGRADE MOTION" now! Send an email to Zayra at to find out the details or add your email address to the list for announcements.