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~ Retrograde Motion at CD Baby ~

Finally it is here and fully loaded onto CD Baby! Check it out and listen to samples! RETROGRADE MOTION” is poetry unlike the poetry you are familiar with. It is not spoken word and it is not a song but it is somewhere in between. You definitely want to own and indulge yourself in all twenty-two richly complex pieces, which are set to a bed of music created by Gardner Cole with tribal sounds, new age vibes and an all around moody meditative feeling. The temperament varies from the sensitive feminist to the morose, from the artistic to sarcastic, from the beautiful to gritty, from the transformational to spiritual and on into the unknown where one simply decides to be unfinished. Zayra Yves is not like any other poetess you have heard, she poetically sheds the layers of life to bring out the volume of emotion and experience underneath the lyrical observations. Zayra is a poet who has a gift for sharing rare intimacy with her listeners and has a natural inclination toward courageously exploring the adventures of the heart. Her ability to recapture the past and echo it in the present as if it were a living moment reminiscent of friends, lovers, exile, discovery, sorrow, boats, rouges, bandits, trees, dancing naked and butterflies, is seductive and colorful. It leads you down the path of love.