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Zayra's Art Featured at Pho 69 on First Street


Zayra's art was selected by Phantom Galleries to be part of "First Fridays"
South First Street and is up at Pho 69 at 321 So. First Street, San Jose, CA.

Phantom Galleries curation by Robertino Ragaza! 

The show will continue through January 31st. 

Thank you! 

"Luna" by Zayra is published in Haunted Waters "From the Depths"




The Fall 2014 issue of From the Depths features visually artistic works of poetry and fiction blending both the real and the fantastic to create a stunning and unique look at the ordinary. Explore the space between dreaming and waking, truth and fabrication, reality and illusion. Enjoy!

Featured in this issue: Catherine Zickgraf, Sonya N Groves, Pamela D. Hirte, Toni Cogdell, Katie Budris, Liz Jacoby, A. B. Davis, Stefanie E. Raymond, Liz Dolan, Patricia George, Dan Jacoby, Steve Klepetar, Hillary Lyon, Tina Wayland, Connor McGaha, Jessica Van de Kemp, Denise Mostacci Sklar, Alissa Leonard, Erika Rybczyk, Ren Elliott Watson, Joe Young, Susheela Menon, David Hartley, Kathi Nidd, Miranda Lenar, JM Godwin, Zayra Yves, Jackie Keith, Matthew Smallwood, Merridawn Duckler, Ronna O'Toole, Krystyna Fedosejevs, Miranda Ray, Alison V King, W. T. Paterson, Sian R. F. Walton, M. Glyde, Colin W. Campbell, Mohsin Abbasi



Writer's International Newtork Awards Zayra for her Poetry - YouTube Video Here


Zayra is an Award Recipient in the 3rd Annual Literay Festival Writer's International Network Canada



Zayra's Post Card Art in the Twitter Art Exhibition - Orlando, Florida







World Friendship Poetry Celebration



Zayra had the great pleasure to serve as a panelist at the World Friendship and Poetry Celebration in the Philippines and deliver a new poem specifically written for this occasion titled: The Father of Visual Poetry and Art for Doc PenPen. She also received two awards, one to acknowledge her contribution as a panelist and the other was titled "Woman of Goodwill" to honor her contributions to the International creative community. Her favorite part of the event was assisting with giving awards to many of the young creative writers within the Filipino community and she looks forward to visiting the Philippines again one day.


Today's Revolutionary Women of Color Photo Shoot and Interview



Photo shoot and interview by Claudia Hernandez

Today's Revolutionary Women of Color Includes Zayra's Art and Poetry!



Please save the date for Today's Revolutionary Women of Color fundraiser.

Galeria de la Raza
2857 24th St, San Francisco, CA
Saturday, October 26th 1 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Panel Discussion 1:00 – 2:30 p.m.
Writing Workshop 3:30 – 5:30 p.m.
Poetry Reading 7:30 – 9:30 p.m.
Silent Auction 1:00 – 9:30 p.m.
Entrance fee / Donation: $20

Alma Flor Ada • Avotcja • Ayanna Mashama • Betty Sanchez • Carolyn Brandy • Genny Lim • Claudia D. Hernández • Holly Ayala • Isabel Campoy • Leticia Hernández • Melanie Cervantes • Nancy Aidé González • Nancy Hom • Odilia Galván Rodríguez • Zayra Yves

"In the House of Eternity" Translated into Bengali


Zayra's poem "In the House of Eternity" was lovingly translated into Bengali by her friend and fellow poet Salahuddin Ahammad.  And, we are very grateful for this honor!

"মৃত্যুহীন ঘরে"

দ্রুত অতি দ্রুত আমাদের ছেড়ে 
তুমি এখন এই মৃত্যুহীন ঘরে।

তোমার অবয়ব আতর লোবানের গন্ধের মতো
ঘুরে বেড়ায় তোমার ফেলে আসা ভালবাসার ঘরে 
যে ঘর নিজেই এখন ভালবাসা।

আমরা এখন তোমার স্মৃতির ঘরে থিতু
অলৌকিক স্পর্শহীন বাঁধনে,
তোমার নিরুদ্দেশ ছায়ার মাঝে দাঁড়িয়ে এখন
ওড়ার শব্দের অপেক্ষা। 

তোমার আবছা মোমের আলো 
আমাদের একাকীত্বের কথা মনে করিয়ে দেয়, 
যখন ভালবাসা শিস দিয়ে বলে যায়
তোমার হারিয়ে যাওয়ার অবসান। 

তুমি এখন এই মৃত্যুহীন ঘরে 
শুনছো সেই গান যা কেবল গাওয়া
সেই সব সাদা মনের মানুষদের জন্য
যারা বাড়ি পৌঁছে গেছে।

বিঃদ্রঃ কবিতাটি কবি ও চিত্রশিল্পী Zayra Yves এর
In the House of Eternity
অবলম্বনে রচিত, যার কবিতা এখন আমায় আবারও লিখতে অনুপ্রাণিত করে। ধন্যবাদ জায়রা ইভস।

In the House of Eternity
by Zayra Yves 

Now you are in the house of eternity

having left us too soon.


The shape of you lingers as a fragrance

where the love you lived

becomes the love you've left behind.


We are standing in the temple

of memory

holding onto the intangible,

and miraculous,

standing in the shadow of your absence,

waiting for the sound of wings.


Your gentle candle light reminds us

of our aloneness

while the inner voice of love

comes to show us

your exile is finally over.


Now you are in the house of eternity

listening to songs

only sung for the beautiful souls

who have arrived home.

Zaya's Poetry Featured to Honor Doc PenPen in Manila


It is with great excitement that we announce Zayra has been invited to celebrate as a delegate panelist to honor Pentasi affectionately known as "Doc PenPen" in a historical event in Manila this November.  Her poem "Father of Art & Poetry in Focus" will be featured in the commemorative volume of Doc PenPen's book of International tributes. 






WHEN:      NOVEMBER 15, 2013!



Father of Art & Poetry In Focus
by Zayra Yves

begin with one point of light:
a center, a void, an egg of heat and blush

our eyes follow the photographic film
as the soul enters through a dance of magic
and speaks poems into existence

born from fluid paradox
spiral of psychedelic

words ignite from the fire of teeth

from the volcano of mouth:

a connection, a direction, a marriage
    of colors, printed in periods from the heart
         skin to skin

(the closer it is

         the more it separates)
   folds into trinity angles
   the sounds of cello, violin and vase
         of mother, child, lover

               plus one

creates a tear drop from islands of jade
scattered into pale blue beaches
of inspiration under the shade trees

a star with bursting points of light
write angels, write holiness into tender air

where God appears
in the gardens as flowers bloom
on the crowns of dancing girls

thin as a horizontal curve
of earth, of hips, of smiles and pure eyes
and we hear the mouths full of sliced pineapples,
laughing in paradise
tumbling over-sized on pale backgrounds

that climax of words bewitched by love
kissed on lips and toes, women with eyes closed

the expression of divine joy
some with surprise
as the poetry reaches a zenith 

where the Father of Poetry has no need
to explain it, it is everything:

the good, the true, the beautiful,
it is complete
(copyright by Zayra Yves)

Zayra's Art & Poetry Featured at the International Pasta Party Series in Sausalito


The Unfinished Sonnet_resized

The Unfinished Sonnet - collage by Zayra Yves

We are happy to announce that Zayra will be featuring several brand new collages in the Red Series as well as some from the Sonnet and Serenade Series.  She will also be performing a poetry reading from the favorite "Empty as Nirvana" and sharing an award winning poem "Faded Hieroglyphs" from her CD "Crowned Compassion" at the International Pasta Party Series in Sausalito, California.    

Stefano Resta, the host,  wrote the following announcement to his guests: 

"I am very pleased to let you know that the featured artist of the evening is my dear friend Zayra Yves. Zayra is an internationally admired writer, painter, recording artist, collage artist, and all around delightful person to know. At the event, she will be sharing some of her latest very beautiful collages and also likely reading a piece or two from her expansive and lyrical body of written works. "

It is a honor to be part of such an event. 

Please join us on July 20th at 6:30 pm. Location: 575 Sausalito Blvd, Sausalito, CA. 


"Love Gang" an Evening of Poetry with Tara Trudell, Claudia Hernadez, & Zayra Yves



Zayra's Art is in the L.A. Twitter Postcard Art Exhibition


Zayra's art is in the third Twitter Postcard Art Exhibition being held at the Exhale Unlimited Gallery in Los Angeles, California on January 12, 2013.

For more information visit this link:



Zayra's Poetry Published in Project Humming Bird Anthology


Zayra is pleased to announce that she has participated in this project and her poetry is included. It's a wonderful poetry anthology of fifty poets from seven countries around the globe, it is soulful collection to benefit a good cause! 

Pick up your copy here:
Hummingbird Project at Whistle Press


An African Legend: Book Two Published Three of Zayra's Poems


Three of my poems are published in this world class collection of art and poetry from Internationally acclaimed artists who generously donated their creativity to the voice and cause of bringing awareness to the White Lions and Marine Mammals. The first book was beautiful and the second book is even more triumphant in it's glory. Get a copy today!

 African Legend Series Book 2





World Poetry Proudly Presents Zayra Yves


World Poetry is proud to welcome a new member and honoured participant in the World Poetry Peace Festival, May 25-26 !  Her art and poems will be featured in two displays, one at University of British Columbia,  May 4 to May 25th and at the Richmond Cultural Centre, Richmond, BC. May 25-26th. She will be an honoured guest and participant at the festival as well as receiving an award.

World Poetry Website



Dropped Reverbnation - Try CD BABY, iTunes, Rhapsody or Go Direct



We dropped Reverbnation as a band account and highly suggest that you use CD Baby directly to purchase Zayra's poetic audio collections.  She is also iTunes, Rhapsody and many other digital download resources, including Spotify. CD Baby manages our MySpace page directly. 

Here is the directly link to CD Baby:

Please contact us directly if you have any questions or want to order an autographed copy:

Thank you!

A Gifted Spirit - Interview with Suzanne Barnett & Zayra Yves


It's the Annual Pancakes & Booze Art Show!



Integral Life Shares "Faded Hieroglyphs"


Zayra's award winning poem, Faded Hieroglyphs, is featured at Integral Life:

Integral Life is a plethora of spiritual ideas and philosophical thought. Check it out!

Spirituality and Religion Review Zayra's Books


Andrew Cort, the founder and editor of "Spirituality and Religion" has graciously featured my poetry on his site twice.  Both include a free gift, so be sure to check out his site as he gives away a number of media materials produced by the authors and teachers he features.

August 22nd Andrew presented Zayra's Mystical Poetry:

September 9th he presented "Color Me Pomegranate":


Enjoy the links and subscribe to the blog!

Thank you!

Zayra's Paintings at The Artist's Alley in San Francisco



Zayra's art will be on display at the Artist's Alley
from March 26th to April 1st.

The details are on the poster, which was
masterfully created and designed by

Kevin Barnard (

The Artist's Alley Gallery
863 Mission Street, San Francisco
Between 4th and 5th Street, across from Bloomingdales

Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door.

Exclusive: "Abandon to Burning" is published on UltraFeel TV! is proud to publish another one of poetess Zayra Yves’ previously undisclosed erotic sensual poems "Abandon to Burning."

Relish it!

An African Legend: White Lions & Leopards


1st Prize:

Faded Hieroglyphs by Zayra Yves

"This poem is a surreal and exceptionally powerful poem that explores tribal and ancestral belief systems, and highlights the respect and awe that lions once had. Congratulations Zayra, for this and the other poems you entered they were all wonderful to read." Michelle Stewart & Judges



Faded Hieroglyphs


There are eternal images somewhere I have been in my dreams.

I long to return to the sands where lions roam,

sit as sun statues, and roar in the night winds.


I have heard them singing of golden rings,

of fire in my belly, while ashes and petals

blew in the alleys with yesterday's news.


Red with ceremony was the light

and women's bodies did not harden

as they stood in the shadows

watching the winos commune with jackals

and the children play with paper sails.


Among the kohl eyes and black draped women 

shopping in the bizarre,


I long to wander free as a winged creature

in the shape of a hieroglyph,

in the shape of mystery, in the curve of linen…


I long to see the women in the streets who speak to me from their eyes;

hear them as they say:  Welcome home my sister, my brother.


I feel their presence now and know that we are one.


If this life is fragile and we are often too easily broken,

then let today be the day we celebrate love, so beautifully transparent

with its perfumes and melancholy vines.


Come me with where the lions roam free

and give over your weary heart to rest in mine. 


I long to be once again in ancient sands, in pristine gardens,

in God's country listening to the wild things speak.


Let us be where the journey is loving,

where the tribesmen know secrets we have forgotten.


Come with me now where the white lions are walking. 

          I have heard them calling your name.




If you are not familiar with Linda Tucker's White Lions, please clink on this link:


In addition to the award winning poem, Faded Heiroglyphs, two more Zayra's poems have been generously included in the African Legend Series: Leopard Song and Tears of Lion.  

white lion book cover by silvia duran

All proceeds from this compilation will go directly to aid the conservation of these showcased beings.

Skydiving into Euphoria - Published in Aquillrelle


Take a look at Aquillrelle's online journal! Zayra's essay "Skydiving into Euphoria" is published in Issue 3, along with her poem "Winged Hearts in Love." There are several talented and gifted poets in this magazine. Plus, as a bonus, Zayra's poem "Meditation" is published in Aquillrelle's Anthology 100 (available in print very soon)! 

For more info, follow this link: 

Intimate Dialogue with Zayra on Suzanne's Show


Tonight Zayra heads back into part two of the interview and intimate dialogue with Suzanne Barnett for the studio series, which features interesting, wacky, and "hot" new artists (as Suzanne likes to say) in the pursuit of perpetuating dreams, fun and nonsense that inspires.  Stay tuned for the show's release date.  In the meantime, feel free to visit Suzanne's website to read all about her exciting line up of artists, cooks, dancers and musicians all creating something in the great madness of being passionately alive!

It takes about two or three months for the show to be release but when it does, we will post it here first, so stay in touch! It is something you will enjoy!

NEW BOOK Release: Leaving You Unpainted



Zayra's newest book "Leaving You Unpainted "is the story of love shared through poetry in an unpretentious and unadorned style, yet it is profoundly provocative with its visual sensual feast of beauty, art and love in its myriad of expressions. It is both haunting with sorrow and lyrical with divinity. Once you begin, you will be addicted to the end. It is a must read for those obsessive passionate souls and art lovers who understand that mystery is as much a part of love, as the obvious.

It is a must have for true romantics...


Gratitude for the Support


Many dear souls have offered prayers and support since May 6th when Zayra's car was totalled by an oncoming vehicle. The other driver ran a red light and t-boned the driver's side of Zayra's car at full speed.  She wishes to thank everyone for their love and offerings.  It will take some time to fully recover from the accident but she is grateful to be alive and deeply thankful for all the love that continues to be sent in her direction.

Every day is a miracle. Forgiveness, Compassion and Love are the only real choices worth making. Every breath is a gift.  It takes great courage to live the life you are born to live, don't let anything or anyone stop you from reaching for your star.  

Faded Hieroglyphs Receives First Place in African Legends


Zayra's poem Faded Hieroglyphs received the honor of first place in the African Legends competition hosted by Michele Stewart, in honor of the White Lion Global Protection Trust and the Leopard Conservation Project.  African Legends is destined to be a beautiful coffee table book with magnificent artwork, additional creative writing and inspired poety. It is such a heart warming joy and honor to be included in this collection of work.

Zayra would like to thank Linda Tucker of the White Lion Global Protection Trust, Fred Berrange of the Leopard Conservation Project, Michele Stewart, and the other judges, for their heart centered approach to life, to creating a sacred place for such magnificent beings, and for including Zayra's poetry in their visionary work.

When the book becomes available, we will send out an announcement. In the meantime, feel free to support the White Lion Global Protection Trust ( and the Leopard Conservation Project (

Zayra's Interview with DJ "Mr. Clean" on KSCU 103.3


Zayra is going on the air for an interview and poetry reading!

Tune in! Santa Clara University's KSCU 103.3 FM to listen to Zayra and DJ "Mr. Clean" on "The Delerium Show." DJ "Mr. Clean" is a spoken word poet and will be reading some duet pieces with Zayra! It is sure to be a great show!

Date: Wednesday, May 5, 2010
Time: 5-6 PM

Santa Clara University, Benson Center,
500 El Camino Real Santa Clara. 
The station is 103.3 FM in the South Bay and streaming live online

Studio Request Line: 408-554-kscu (5728) 

Feel free to call in with questions or comments!


Zayra's Photo Session with Kurt Loeffler


Zayra met Kurt through Mills College, as her daughter Natori is a student who is actively involved with sports, both swimming and crew.  Kurt is multi-faceted and talented.  He is a teacher, coach, mentor and stellar photographer. 

To see more of Kurt's photographic talents, including Zayra's daughter Natori, visit his website here:

Zayra is grateful that he shot studio photos for her new book release, especially considering that she doesn't spend as much time in the water as she writes poetry about water!

To see the Oakland studio photos of Zayra by Kurt, go to the "Gallery" and scroll down.


HOT off the YouTube: Zayra's Interview with Suzanne Barrnet


The interview with Suzanne Barnett is now available on YouTube! It was great fun! Check it out!


Zayra's new book "The Secrets of Unknown Flowers" due for press in 2010.

Plus there is a new audio collection in the works "Love Takes the Long Way Home"...

more to come...

Interview for Suzanne's Studio & New Horizons


Zayra was interviewed tonight by Suzanne Barnett for the studio series, which features interesting, wacky, and "hot" new artists (as Suzanne likes to say) in the pursuit of perpetuating dreams, fun and nonsense that inspires.  Stay tuned for the show's release date.  In the meantime, feel free to visit Suzanne's website to read all about her exciting line up of artists, cooks, dancers and musicians all creating something in the great madness of being passionately alive!

It is something you will enjoy!

The End of LinkedIn and All Poetry


In addition to Zayra's MySpace deletion, as she moves forward into a more focused approach toward sharing her work, she deleted LinkedIn with 250 connections and 17 recommendations, and All Poetry with 272 friends, over 12,000 comments, more than 120 contests, several trophies and enough poems to fill three books.  It was with careful thought and consideration that she deleted the accounts. It was after five years of multi-platformed internet "networking" that she decided to streamline her art into a few well choosen locations that will allow for deeper focus and personal control with less distractions.

She looks forward to sharing her materials via her website, blog, Twitter and Friendfeed, as well as growing into new avenues of expression. May you all be blessed with great joy and awakening in 2010!


A Heart Felt "Good-Bye" to MySpace


Zayra is grateful to MySpace for the fan base that started in 2006 but it is time to say good-bye after 111,365 plays and 59,266 views. What an illuminating experience!

The top two tracks launched and shared through MySpace were "I am SHE" and "Drowned Cathedral." 

"I am SHE" on its first run was featured in conjunction with Twin13 in the UK and had over 23,000 plays, then its on second run over 11,000 plays, for a grand total of 34,000 plays!  It was definitely the top favorite from the Crowned Compassion collection! 

"Drowned Cathedral" is not to be ignored with a near 10,000 play mark in six months from the Sleep in the Sea Tonight with Me poetry collection. 

Considering that we are talking about poetry here, then these are really generous numbers for which Zayra is humbly grateful to everyone for listening to and sharing with their friends.  She will remember MySpace as the first connection with others globally who were interested in her poetry and graciously befriended her work, as well as spread it to others.  In some ways it is sad to see MySpace fade out but in other ways it is a great reminder that all things have a natural cycle, even unnatural things in cyberspace!

If you are interested in finding Zayra's poetry, it can be found on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, ReverbNation and many other digital on line locations. You may also order the CD's throuh CD Baby or by contacting Zayra directly at

Zayra as a Guest Speaker at New Sun Celebrations


Zayra is sharing her creative journey and process with the circle on Sunday at 11:00 AM at New Sun Celebrations.  If you are in the area, feel free to join us....

Experience Transformation thru Your Own Creative Voice!

Free up your creative spirit and live from total abundance...tap into your creativity as a means of growing and sharing your joy!

This is your opportunity to become happier, healthier and more prosperous through powerful exercises, poetry, art, music and energy healing!

If arriving by car, allow time for parking to be in the Center by 10:45am. Other transportation and location info available at:

NEW SUN. Celebrations, 11-noon 
4530 18th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114

Zayra as a Guest Speaker at CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies)


On Tuesday, October 6th between 3:00 and 6:00 PM, Zayra will be a guest speaker in the course "Spiritual Intelligence" taught by Daniel Deslauriers at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

Zayra will be sharing her poetry and discussing her journey within the domain of Spiritual Intelligence.  She would like to thank Dr. Deslauriers for his generosity in asking her to be part of the experience.



NEW BOOK RELEASE: Color Me Pomegranate

The pomegranate, as a symbol and for its color, has historical meaning for women both in mythology and literature. Zayra's literary poetic collection, Color Me Pomegranate, travels through the many layers of mythical women turned into real women living these myths out in every day life. On the pages of this collection, we encounter Aphrodite, Medusa, Meda, Persphone, Athena, Inanna, Ishtar, Gaia, Sophia, Durga, Kali, Mary, The Black Madonna, Eve, Anne Sexton, Marilyn Monroe, Sylvia Plath, Kiki de Montpamasse, Lee Miller, Berthe Morisot, Joan of Arc and the Scarlet Woman in all vessels, in every woman's body. It is the fall and resurrection of all women within the mystical experiences, which are often times as full of suffering, as they are gritty, and soft on the emotional path toward the alchemy of self discovery, self acceptance and self love for the spiritual evolution and content of the feminine. The book ends in the rise of all women through the Goddess in a transfiguration: "I am SHE."



Two Poems Published in South Africa's KREATIV "Flax to Gold"


Two poems by Zayra Yves, "a love story inside the structure of colour" and "inside the field of my soul," are published in the most recent release by KREATIV in South African anthology titled: Flax to Gold.

Please refer to the following link and scroll down to section six.

This anthology is available and can be ordered from Myra Lochner at e-mail address: You may order it from the
address below:


Zayra is grateful for this honor.

Zayra is back at the Awareness Network!


"Transfiguration: Art, Poetry and Mini-Collages"

Art is an expression of the heart, dreams and soul. This is an opportunity to experience the transfiguration of your inner most psyche through art, poetry and mini-collage. You will use art and poetry to draw out the song and image of your dreamscape as it manifests in a new figure with a new map to navigate. Creative journeys and supplies are provided.

Divine Science Community Center
1540 Hicks Ave., Campbell, CA

July 23, 2009 @ 8:30 AM

Come join us for the journey! Hope to see you there!

Zayra's Poetry Mixed at the Chiller Room Frome FM in the UK

You can now download the Chiller room as a Podcast, and play it anytime. It was the final show on Frome FM and features a track from Acabella and Zayra Yves and many Big Ibitza chillout summer Anthems.

~ "Empty as Nirvana" Goes to Portland

IN OTHER WORDS bookstore Events - AUTHOR READING: Zayra Yves Reading "Empty as Nirvana" Time: Saturday, June 20, 2009 3:00 p.m. Location: In Other Words Women's Books and Resources "Empty as Nirvana" is a passageway between worlds, it is a fusion between the modern and ancient. It hides nothing as it explores the moments of arrival and departure in relationship, as well as in religion, tribal traditions, love and heartbreak. We are exposed to the compassionate nature as much as the haunting memories of survival after savage experiences. In this book we hear the voices of Buddhists and mothers mixed together; of Zimbabweans, South Africans, Zulu's, White Lions and Egyptians. Zayra Yves shows us that she is capable of seeing into the soul of our soul that leaves us feeling pure rather than exposed, sane rather than lost. She is a passion-filled force embracing both her human desires as well as the divine essence. "Empty as Nirvana" has been compiled from both new material and previously published poems that have been included in magazines, journals, audio recordings, radio broadcasts, and other print publications. Yves is a multi-faceted and thought provoking writer as she delves into the raw soul exposed in all of its paradox, pain and healing. Her poetry is often spiritual without being religious while it is earthy, mystical, flowing - like a river that moves through the universe of stars. In its course, it reveals the human suffering that cries from the abyss, the majestic cathedral of the ceremonial soul, the erotic body of light, the undeniable presence of the muse, the great hope for a more expansive state of compassion, and the rapture of total abandonment of love. If you live in Portland, come join us at IN OTHER WORDS bookstore! We will love to have you there! In Other Words Bookstore 8 B NE Killingsworth St Portland, OR 97211 Tel: 503-232-6003 Peace.

~ Big Minds, Big Hearts and Big Poetry Come Together Again ~

On March 7th and 8th in Los Angeles Genpo Roshi, Bill Harris and Zayra Yves are sharing the stage. Zayra is scheduled to read inspirational poetry in between Bill and Genpo's workshop sessions. It is a remarkable combination! Here are the details: And, if you register early you'll also receive a copy of Genpo's amazing book, "Big Mind, Big Heart" and a collection of Bill Harris' articles about spiritual growth, "Oneness Isn't Metaphysical."

~ Poetry, Art and the Company of Angels ~

On Sunday, March 1st at 4 in the afternoon there is a poetry reading at Ernesto's Studio in Pt Reyes Station. Reading poetry is Zayra Yves whose modern-day poems are spiritual, earthy, mystical, flowing. Joining Zayra is Renata Santerre reciting the poems of Rumi, Hafiz, Kabir, Rilke, Tagore, and Maya Angelou. These two women will present an inspiring afternoon of words from the heart, both past and contemporary. Refreshments will be served. Ernesto's Studio is next to the Reyes Cafe outdoor patio. -- Ernesto Sanchez P.O. Box 43 Pt Reyes Station, CA 94956 Art Studio (next to Cafe Reyes) 415 370 4339

~ Just Can't Get Enough of the UltraFeel TV ~

UltraFeel TV has invited Zayra's poetry back onto the scene to release Retrograde Motion! There is one special audio poem in this feature you will want to hear because you cannot find it anywhere else on the web or inside any of Zayra's current audio collections: Houdini's Handcuffs. Yep! It is a mixture of erotica, spiritualism and tiny bit of fetish, just enough to keep you interested! Here is the link: Check out the UltraFeel sharing Zayra's new Poetry CD: Retrograde Motion We LOVE our UltraFeel TV!

* Daily Buddhism Features Crowned Compassion *

Crowned Compassion, Zayra's first audio poetry collection, is being featured on Daily Buddhism. Check it out! It is a wonderful blog dedicated to modern Buddhism as it applies to every day living.

~ Second Edition of Ordinary Substance ~

The second edition of Ordinary Substance is now available at Lulu. It has a new cover and it suits the collection! For those of you who purchased the first edition of Ordinary Substance, I wish to thank you for your support and remind you that only 150 copies were printed of that book so you officially have a collectors item. May your new year be filled with joy and the beginnings that are born from lotus seeds, thus the new cover of Ordinary Substance! Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

~ Retrograde Motion at CD Baby ~

Finally it is here and fully loaded onto CD Baby! Check it out and listen to samples! RETROGRADE MOTION” is poetry unlike the poetry you are familiar with. It is not spoken word and it is not a song but it is somewhere in between. You definitely want to own and indulge yourself in all twenty-two richly complex pieces, which are set to a bed of music created by Gardner Cole with tribal sounds, new age vibes and an all around moody meditative feeling. The temperament varies from the sensitive feminist to the morose, from the artistic to sarcastic, from the beautiful to gritty, from the transformational to spiritual and on into the unknown where one simply decides to be unfinished. Zayra Yves is not like any other poetess you have heard, she poetically sheds the layers of life to bring out the volume of emotion and experience underneath the lyrical observations. Zayra is a poet who has a gift for sharing rare intimacy with her listeners and has a natural inclination toward courageously exploring the adventures of the heart. Her ability to recapture the past and echo it in the present as if it were a living moment reminiscent of friends, lovers, exile, discovery, sorrow, boats, rouges, bandits, trees, dancing naked and butterflies, is seductive and colorful. It leads you down the path of love.

~ On the ReverbNation Player ~




"RETROGRADE MOTION," Zayra's long awaited and newest audio poetry collection is currently in production at Disc Makers and is scheduled to arrive off the UPS truck on December 3, 2008. It is over due and past schedule but well worth the wait. "RETROGRADE MOTION" is poetry you definitely want to own and indulge yourself in. It is worthy of personal immersion into all twenty-two richly complex pieces, which are set to a bed of music created by Gardner Cole with tribal sounds, new age vibes and an all around moody meditative feeling. The temperament varies from the morose to artistic to sarcastic to beautiful to transformational to spiritual and on into the unknown where one simply decides to be unfinished. Whatever your mood, attitude or vice, you are certain to find yourself or lose yourself in these interestingly diverse audio gifts of poetry from Zayra's new collection "RETROGRADE MOTION." Here is the line up: 1. Becoming Abstract 2. The Blurred Version 3. Caught in the Fading Light 4. Consider the Sound of Water 5. Evaporation 6. How a Stone Comes to Life 7. An Invitation in Exodus 8. Listening to Charles Bukowski 9. A Lost Cry 10. A Lover & the Echo 11. Ms. V 12. My Sin 13. The Night Bird's Last Tear 14. Not Waiting 15. Pilgrim Hitchhiking 16. Red Clay 17. Sanctuary 18. She Transforms Herself 19. Star Flowers 20. Sudden 21. Unfinished & Untangled 22. What Might Still Be Several of the poems on "RETROGRADE MOTION" appear in her book "ORDINARY SUBSTANCE," while others are brand new poems released in this collection for the first time, and are slated to appear in her new poetry book due for print in January of 2009. Sign up to reserve your copy of "RETROGRADE MOTION" now! Send an email to Zayra at to find out the details or add your email address to the list for announcements.

Al Diaz and Zayra Yves Connect on BlogTalk Radio ~ Live on Purpose

Al Diaz and Zayra Yves connection on BlogTalk Radio to share ideas about the transformative influence of art in our lives and how to bring that into living on purpose. Tune in....on September 1st at 6:00 PM. Direct link for more info:

"Law of Attraction in Action" ~ Rayna Lumbard, Al Diaz and Zayra Yves

"Are you ready to free up your spirit and live from total abundance?" Do you want to tap into your creativity as a means of growing and sharing your joy? This is your opportunity to become happier, healthier and more prosperous through powerful exercises, poetry, art, music, movement and energy healing! Rayna Lumbard, Al Diaz and Zayra Yves have joined together to share a special presentation to inspire others to live with passion, purpose and prosperity. Rayna is an LMFT, psychospiritual healer and holistic therapist with Inner Success Transformations. You may visit her website at or call her at 408.358.3756. Al Diaz is a high conscious facilitator, radio talk show host and the author of The Titus Concept. Go directly to Al's blog talk radio site at and be sure to catch the interview with Zayra at 6:00 PM on September 1st and Rayna at 6:00 PM on September 4th! Al Diaz can be contacted through his website at or called at 909.282.7744. Pre-register for the September 13th workshop and come join us from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM for the Law of Attraction in Action at Our Sacred Space in Willow Glen: 2075 LIncoln Ave. Suites e & F, San Jose 95125 Please contact Rayna Lumbard for registration at 408-358-3756 or go to her website:

The Heart of Art: Frank Wiedemann & Zayra Yves

Frank Wiedemann is the graphic designer for Zayra's new audio collection titled: "Not Waiting." The new audio collection of poetry by Zayra Yves with music by Gardner Cole is due to be released in late October or early November. Wiedemann will be combining Zayra's artwork and his fine design expertise together. It is destined to be an enticing and abstractly dreamy combination! Check out Frank Wiedemann's graphics website: Also, if you wish to pre-order "Not Waiting" then please email Zayra:

Zayra Presents: "The Power of Poetry" at The Awareness Network

"The Power of Poetry" The power of poetry is an expressive and meditative practice. It lends itself to discovering grace, as well as how to be more receptive to our intuition. Metaphysical poetry is evocative, soulful, uplifting and heart centered. Come be inspired! The Awareness Network meets every Thursday 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM. at the Divine Science Community Center 1540 Hicks Ave., San Jose, 95125

Erotic Poetry by Zayra Yves on UltraFeel TV (Switzerland)

From the creator and editor of UltraFeel... " is proud to publish some of Zayra Yves‘ erotic poetry and two of her latest photos." "Zayra from San Francisco, California, is an exceptional poet with a great variety of themes. Her deep insights into the dualistic nature of life merges with the erotic reunion of the male and female energies into a spiritual, archaic and mystical image of existence."

Gardner Cole and Zayra Yves Pair Up for a New Audio Production of Poetry and Music!

Several people have asked lately what the new project is for Zayra Yves and Magdalena & Co. Is there a new CD in the pipeline? The answer is "YES!" The new CD is not titled as of yet but Zayra Yves and Gardner Cole are working full tilt on a heart centered artistic production! It will be announced as soon as it is complete and ready for market! To find out more about Gardner Cole's amazing talents, please visit his website at: We are excited about this new venture! And, hope you will be too!

Audio Poem Featured on the International "UniVerse of Poetry"

Zayra's audio poem "Our Passions Might Be Numbered Like This" is featured in the Poetry + New Media section of UniVerse of Poetry UniVerse presents Poetry + New Media, a living archive dedicated to poetry married to music and film, giving voice to exquisite, compelling artists internationally. There is a wonderful collection of audio tracks to listen to from International Artists!! You won't want to miss this one! Go listen to it now and be inspired!!! Peace!

Two Poems Published in South Africa

Two of my favorite poems "Time to Give My Heart Away" and "Love's Sanctuary" are published in WINS Verlies. Gained LOSS, a South African publication. This is a gorgeous publication with a high level of integrity and spirit! WINS Verlies.Gained LOSS Samesteller Myra Magdalena Lochner Editor Voorwoord M.Dianne Berry Foreword Omslagfoto’s en Kuns Myra Magdalena Lochner Cover Photos and Art Format: Soft Cover, 220 pages Published and distributed by/Gepubliseer en versprei deur KREATIV PO BOX/POSBUS 4404 GEORGE EAST/GEORGE-OOS 6539 SOUTH AFRICA/SUID-AFRIKA All rights reserved/Alle regte voorbehou Copyright © Kopiereg 2008 Myra Lochner KREATIV Copyright of individual submissions remains with the authors Kopiereg van individuele bydraes berus by die skrywers First Edition First Print 2008 Eerste Uitgawe Eerste Druk ISBN 978-0-620-40296-5 PLEASE ORDER AT: Myra Lochner PLEASE NOTE: WINS Verlies.Gained LOSS is in English, with some of the poems submitted in Afrikaans; some poems are translated in English or Afrikaans — those are a special bonus for the reader.

"Under the Ribs" - Published in the Memoir Journal

Under the Ribs (prose) is published in the Memoir Journal Vol. 1 No. 2 It is not like anything I have published to date. Scroll down to the prose area and click on the piece to read it or you may use this link. It has adult content, is graphic and it is not erotic. Thank you again to everyone for their support!

The Night Bird's Last Tear

The Night Bird's Last Tear is posted on YouTube with music by Nicholas McNair and art by Anthony Christian. The artistic images are sensual and erotic. Enjoy!

100,000 Plays on MySpace Music

Thank you to everyone at Myspace for their support of my poetry and music! We hit the 100,000 plays mark this weekend! And, as a way of saying thank you, I am offering "Sanctuary" as a free down load. "Sanctuary" was merged previously on Youtube with Nicholas McNair's music and Anthony Christian's art. The version of "Sanctuary" I am offering on Myspace is vocals only without edits. Enjoy! Go to this link to pick up your free download: Yay! Poetry is alive!

Love's Sanctuary on YouTube

Once again Nicholas McNair has performed an act of every day beauty by bringing together his music with my poetry and Anthony's art! On YouTube: The power of intimacy to change our lives... Poem "Sanctuary" by Zayra Yves Music "Nightfall" by Nicholas McNair Paintings and drawings by Anthony Christian Please enjoy it and pass it on!

"I am SHE" in Puetro Rico

"I am SHE" is the theme for the Embrace Your School event taking place in Puetro Rico on July 16, 2008 with Shanti Ragyi, the president of the Om Shanti foundation and the School for Mistical Arts with Mara Quiara, the director of Woman and World Peace. Thank you to my dear friend Zoe for introducing my poem "I am SHE" to Puerto Rico. I am so happy to hear the goddess continues to go global and touch the hearts of many people everywhere!

Zayra on West Marin's Community Radio

On KWMR, West Marin's Community Radio, Zayra's books and CD's are being auctioned off to contribute to raising money for KWMR's pledge drive. Be sure to tune in during their pledge drive week (April 9 - 18) to hear the latest tracks from her audio collection, as well as some of the favorites! Thank you KWMR!

Pilgrim Poem and Art Trio on YouTube

This is truly an artist's dream: Zayra's poem "Pilgrim Hitchhiking on the Road of Life" is complimented by the soothing and graceful piano music composed by Nicholas McNair (, then it is illustrated with soulful paintings and sensual photos from Anthony Christian's portfolio ( In the near future look for more heartfelt collaborations from this trio of artists! YouTube link:

Empty as Nirvana at Target and Barnes & Noble

It is true! My first poetry book "Empty as Nirvana" is available through Target and Barnes & Noble. If you are interested in purchasing it through either of these two retailers then you can book search it under my name or by book title, also it is listed under poetry, then under my name or the book title! At this point "Empty as Nirvana" is in full distribution and should be available for any bookseller to order. Having said that, I am personally partial to Lulu ( or refer to my purchasing links for a direct link to my Lulu storefront. But that is a long story for some other day. I am just grateful that Empty as Nirvana is making her way across the US and around the globe to inspire the hearts of thousands! Wow! Thank you to everyone for all their support over the years!!!

Big Hearts and Minds Unite!

This past weekend I was a guest at the “Big Mind, Big Heart” event with Genpo Roshi (, Bill Harris of Centerpointe ( ) and Erika Luckett ( a gifted signer who performed with fire and beauty in between the Big Mind Big Heart sessions. I was also fortunate to share the light with these big hearts and give the audience a taste of my poetry. As a true bonus dear Erika enhanced my poetry with her background guitar and shared her spirit with me. There were 250 plus people in attendance! Genpo and Bill were outstanding teachers! All in all, it was another significant highlight in my life and a rare opportunity to stand among teachers and friends alike as we collected the voices we had long since forgotten and welcomed them in our hearts once again. I will post photos soon. Big Heart Big Mind was not the only event in town! My art was in an art collective show in a slide show presentation along with my poetry audio track “I am SHE” from Crowned Compassion at The Hive Gallery on Spring Street in L.A. It was a powerful group of artists that came together to celebrate the integral approach to art and Paul Lonely’s birthday (, the soulful music of Michael Garfield (also featured on Integral Naked) and the grace of many others. Even though I could not make it across town to the gallery in time for the show, I am so grateful to be part of this circle. I encourage you to visit their websites to get familiar with their talents and gifts! You will be glad that you did!!!

Getting Naked on Integral Naked!

Integral Naked featured my audio collection Crowned Compassion in December of 2006! And, they have asked me to come back with my new book Ordinary Substance that has an intro by Bill Harris, as well as with my CD Sleep in the Sea Tonight with Me. I am really grateful and excited to be featured with such a fantastic circle of visionary minds in the realm of philosophy and the arts! If you have not visited Integral Naked before then you don't know what you are missing! Check it out! It will up lift your spirits, enlighten your mind and share a whole new world of cutting edge spiritual philosophy. It is the most honest trip through the cosmos and love that I have come across on the net!

Heavenly Poetry in Astropoetica

Astropoetica is pleased to announce the launch of the Winter issue, featuring the poetry of Zayra Yves, Oke Mbachu, Mary Alexandra Agner, Steve Klepetar, Pat Tompkins, Rich Murphy, and many others: Astropoetic has published the following three poems: The Sun is Just a Star No Such Thing as "I" in the Universe Why I am Not Afraid of the Dark You can also find copies of the above listed poems in my book "Empty as Nirvana" and on the audio collection "Sleep in the Sea Tonight with Me." The editor of Astropoetica has done a beautiful job of pairing the poetry with some cool photos! I think you will be as inspired by this arrangement as I am! It is Divine!!

Zen Poem Published in "Feeling is First" an International Poetry Anthology

My poem BY NOW THE LIGHT HAS FADED is published in FEELING IS FIRST, a poetry anthology that is now available through Amazon. This wonderful book is a modern poetry anthology, which represents authors from several different countries and backgrounds; it demonstrates a broad spectrum of writing styles, feelings and opinions. The voices from around the world are heard in this collection! Each one was chosen by the editor of All Poetry and considered to be some of the best authors on the website. The refreshing aspect of it is that there are new voices emerging, as well as poems from seasoned souls and established writers, so the reader experiences the full benefit of the journey. It is thoroughly inspirational, enlightening and enjoyable...definitely something that you want to add to your book collection! To pick up a copy of this diverse anthology you can find the link under "purchase" and look for the book title "FEELING IS FIRST" in the links. Many Blessings!

Ordinary Substance by Zayra Yves & Intro by Bill Harris

Ordinary Substance is a poetic journey through relationships and spiritualism with a focus on Toaist and Buddhist perceptions as life presents itself through ordinary every day experiences. This book is a search through the imprints of the psyche at various levels of conditioning to simply be with it as it is; to fully accept ourselves as we are reflected in the mirror of words. Zayra's poetry invites the reader to be present within themselves, as much as with her. She guides you on an authentic spiritual journey via the poetic arts through the yin and yang of words as demonstrated through disillusionment, emptiness, awe, then fullness, sweetness and love. Plus there is a wonderful introduction by Bill Harris, the founder of the Centerpointe Research Institute and one of the teachers featured in The Secret. ____________________________________________________ Bill's Book Review at Lulu: "Zayra is a genius" 3 Dec 2007 by Bill Harris "I have to confess that I don't sit around reading poetry very often, but when Zayra Yves asked me to write an introduction for her new collection of poems, I was extremely flattered. I'm a huge fan, and I DO sit around reading her poetry. And, quite frankly, it has blown me away. " 'Zayra has something very rare--a seemingly direct pipeline to the depths of what it means to be human--as well as to that which is beyond the merely human. " "I told readers of my blog ( that "Zayra's poetry will make your toes curl!" Later I realized that I should have added that it would also make their souls curl--because though her poetry is sexy and passionate and evocative it is also thoughtful and profound. If you'd like to be transported to places in yourself you've been unable to express--or perhaps awaken places you didn't even know were there--get this wonderful little book. " "And, while you're at it, consider getting a CD of Zayra performing her poetry, which adds still another dimension of passion and feeling. " "Zayra's genius will change you, I promise." ____________________________________________________ Ordinary Substance, like Empty as Nirvana, Zayra's first collection, is available through Lulu both as print material and in a downloadable edition. It arrived just in time for the Holidays! Enjoy!!! ____________________________________________________

Flash Fiction First Place @ 34th Parallel ~ In San Francisco with My Father

My first piece of "flash fiction," which is a combination of prose and sort of a mini-short story is coming out in the November issue of 34th Parallel, and it is not really fiction either by the way, but since they did have a category asking for Flash Memiors, I had to improvise. The editors also were kind enough to list me in the "first place" winners circle of "Flashers." The title of it is: In San Francisco with My Father. Plus this sassy magazine has published a plethora of other authors that I am proud to be sharing the pages with! You will definitely want to check it out! For more information on how to order a copy of the magazine please visit their blog site here: Thank you!

Sleep in the Sea Tonight with Me

Sleep in the Sea Tonight with Me is Zayra's newest audio collection. It is the perfect summer edition for lovers. It stirs up the passions of your soul, memories of supernatural love and the desire to keep the experiences of transcendental love alive in the timeless sea of life. You can hear samples of it on CD Baby now: It is scheduled for release on MySpace August 10, 2007.

Empty as Nirvana ~ Book Release ~

Empty as Nirvana by Zayra Yves Zayra Yves is a modern-day mystic whose writings are evocative, innovative, and empathetic. She is a passion-filled force embracing both her human desires as well as the divine essence. Empty as Nirvana has been compiled from both new material and previously published poems that have been included in magazines, journals, audio recordings, radio broadcasts, and other print publications. These poems reveal the human suffering that cries from the abyss, the erotic body of light, the undeniable presence of the muse, the great hope for a more expansive state of compassion, and the rapture of total abandonment to love. (125 pages) Paperback: $14.95 ________________________ Please contact Zayra directly to purchase a copy of Empty as Nirvana or go to the PURCHASE link in the sidebar for more information. Thank You.

Alehouse Press on Verse Daily

Verse Daily has long been on of my favorite on line poetry resources. Alehouse Press where my poem is published, along with many other writers, featured Billy Collins China and brought attention to all of us. Here is the link:

Crowned Compassion Featured on Zimvibes

Zayra's Crowned Compassion is featured on Zimvibes this week. Zimvibes is an online music source promoting Zimbabwe's Urban Culture.... Thank you to the mother land and her children...

Poem Published in Alehouse Press

Zayra Yves' poem Meeting You in Jiangxi is published in Alehouse Press: The debut journal of Alehouse Press for January 2007 includes poems from Billy Collins, Stephen Dunn, and Maxine Kumin.

Crowned Compassion at Integral Naked

This Week on Integral Naked three of the poems from Crowned Compassion are released: Zayra Yves • I am SHE Zayra Yves • Born from Heaven Zayra Yves • Crowned Compassion It is a great honor to be listed with the following teachers and artists.... Adyashanti and Bert Parlee A modern mystic known for spontaneous and direct nondual teachings dispels oversimplified views of the student-teacher relationship, and explains the difference between callous indifference and the Great Indifference ... Brett Thomas • Red & Amber Worldviews Brother David Steindl-Rast • Father Thomas Keating • A Brief History of Inter-Religious Dialogue Stuart Davis • The Stuart Davis Show If you have not visited Integral Naked before...I recommend it!